Kosher Mehadrin


The natural solution for vascular problems

At the foot of the Vrancea Mountains, in the town of Covasna in Romania, lies the Mofeta, one of nature’s most fascinating wonders, a unique phenomenon with qualities of healing and relief.

Mofetta is a spring of gas which is naturally released from the ground and which can be used to treat a wide range of problems, in particular with regards to blood vessels, such as – the cardiovascular system, blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes, impotence, varicose veins, poor blood supply to the legs, cholesterol, high blood lipid levels and more.

Standing in Mofeta for 20 minutes twice a day, for 11 consecutive days, does wonders and greatly aids people suffering from the stated phenomena.

Local doctors recommend heart patients to return one a year.

By the way, in Romania we encountered the amazing phenomenon of locals requiring catheterization.



Kosher Mehadrin

In the kashrut of Rabbi Eliezer Wolf, Rabbi of Amsterdam.

This kashrut is characterized by its being accepted by all streams: haredim, haredi, national religious, religious and traditional.


Patients talk about the health change

Come hear, read and be impressed, from patients who have returned from a visit to Mofta Pay attention to blood tests before and after your visit to Mofeta


Additional health treatments included in the package

List of treatments given to Mofeta health tourism clients at the Covasna medical center.


 The Hotel

The 4 star hotel offers luxury rooms with high level of accessories.

Each room has: air conditioning, bath robes, daily newspaper, films, desk, hair dryer, Wi-Fi and 



The kitchen is managed by the well-known Katzburg family, who has managed a restaurant at the Stock Market previously, and currently manage dining rooms in a variety of hotels in Israel and abroad.


Medical accompaniment

The medical process and stay in Mofeta is made as per the instruction of the doctor in charge of the medical center in Covasna


Guest book - service and hospitality

Guests talk about the service, hospitality and attitude.


Professionals talk about mofeta

Listen to the doctor and radio interviews with the people who bring the mofeta


 .The story of M  

My name: M.S.           age: 69             living in: Bnei Brak

Medical diagnosis: catheterization and inserting a stent every year (4 times over the past 4 years), pacemaker and the blood pressure is stabilized at 145/90 with pills.

In April 2017 I heard of Covasna for the first time and traveled there.

I stood in the Mofeta for 15 minutes every day. After three days the doctor checked my blood pressure and reported significance improvement, I couldn’t believe it, I was sure that the blood pressure will return to 145/90, but unbelievably, at the beginning of October 2017, 6 months after I returned from the Mofeta in Covasna, my blood pressure is still 120/80.

In addition, I do sports at heart rehabilitation in Tel HaShomer, and I used to suffer from cardiac arrhythmia, but it has significantly decreased since I returned from Covasna.

I didn’t know you need to stand in the Mofeta twice a day (20-25 minutes) for 11 days, I only stood once a day, that’s a shame…

In November I will be going with Mofeta company again, this time I will make sure I stand in the Mofeta twice a day, I feel that hope has returned to me, this year there is no catheterization! This year there is Mofeta!

As a traditional person, it’s important to me to keep Kosher, and this time the suitcase will not be full of tuna and such, and I will not be forced to look for solutions under the table, let alone Shabbat meals…

This time there will be health as well as leisure.

M.S. Bnei Brak – October 2017.

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