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Kosher Mehadrin


The natural solution for vascular problems and blood vessel disorders

At the foot of the majestic Vrancea Mountains, in the town of Covasna, Romania, lie the Mofeta springs, one of nature’s most fascinating wonders and a unique phenomenon.

Mofeta is a naturally occuring gas released from the ground which is used to treat a wide range of health problems, especially those related to the vascular system.  For many years Mofeta has been used successfully by locals to treat: High blood pressure, artherosclerosis, diabetic complications, impotence, fertility issues, varicose veins, neuropathy, circulatory problems,
high cholesterol and lipid levels, etc. 

For the past two years we have been conducting monthly kosher Mofeta groups.  Our affordable package enables our guests to take advantage of this amazing natural resource in a beautiful hotel, with the convenience of kosher food, a shul, Bais Medrash, etc.  Come experience the warmth and camaraderie of jews from around the world, coming together for a refuah that will change your life.  

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Kosher Mehadrin

Under the Hashgacha of Rabbi Eliezer Wolf, Rabbi of Amsterdam.

This Hashgacha is universally recognized.


Patients talk about their health improvements 

Listen, read and be impressed, from patients who have been to Mofeta. Real results from real people


Additional health treatments included in the package

List of treatments given to Mofeta health tourism clients at the Covasna medical center.


 The Hotel

The beautiful hotel offers luxury rooms with many amenities.  Shul on premises.



The kitchen is managed by the well-known Katzburg family, former restauranteurs, who now run the catering operations in a variety of hotels in Israel and abroad.


Medical Supervision

The medical treatments and Mofeta are under the care of the doctor in charge of the medical center in Covasna


The Experience


Professionals talk about mofeta

Listen to physicians, patients and radio interviews about mofeta


 Shevy's Story   

In every group we take to the Mofeta there are always a few guests who experience such rapid and drastic relief of their symptoms that it is simply amazing. 

Shevy, a young mother from Israel, contracted strep after having a baby ten years ago.  The strep was misdiagnosed and went untreated until it had wreaked havoc on Shevy's body.  The illness caused permanent damage to her lymphatic system, resulting in fluid buildups and infections.  Over the years Shevy needed multiple surgeries and stents to drain the fluid.  She lived in a state of constant discomfort, numbness in her extremities, and suffered from edema in her legs. 

Shevy heard about Mofeta and decided to give it a try. She came for ten days and took the daily treatments.  By the end of the tour, the swelling in her legs had significantly improved and she had regained feeling in her extremities. She felt like a new person. When Shevy visited her doctor in New York several months later, the doctor was amazed at the improvement in her condition.  

Shevy returned to the Mofeta about a year later for follow up treatments, thrilled to have found something so simple and painless, with such remarkable results. She has since serialized her story in an Israeli publication. 

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