Kosher Mehadrin


         After landing we will leave in an air-conditioned tour bus for a reconnaissance tour of the Romanian capital Bucharest. We will see and photograph its famous sites: the incredibly huge parliament palace, the triumph arch, the avenues and the historic squares and more.

From there, we will move to our destination, the city of Covasna, which is located 230 km north of Bucharest. Covasna is located about 70 km north-east of Brasov at an altitude of 570 meters, and it is one of the best known healing sites in Romania and all of Europe.

On our way we will pass the beautiful Prahova valley and pass the tourist towns of: Sinaia, Busteni, Azuga and Predeal as well as the city of Brasov.

Most of them we will know during our trip as well as other towns such as Târgu Secuiesc, Baile Tusnad and others.

Since paramedical treatments end at noon, trips will be relatively short, both in time and travel distance, since estimated departure will be at 13:00.

Following is a list of possible trips we concentrated for you, their execution and selection will mostly be affected by weather and other local factors:

1.  We will tour one of the oldest cities in Transylvania, with Germanic character and style, Brasov which was established in the 13th century, a Saxon city called the “crown of the Carpathians”. We will visit the big synagogue built in 1901, from there we will go to the beautiful Spatoloy, walk down the beautiful pedestrian mall and go through Romania’s narrowest street. We will go up in the cable car to the beautiful overlook of the city of Brasov from the top of the Tempa Mountains.

2.  Today we will return of Brasov the big city, but today our main destination will be the big modern shopping center Corsi where you can shop.

3. We will dedicate today to a trip in the southern Carpathians. We will visit the Bran castle – the fortress of the legendary Count Dracula. An old and unique Transylvanian palace. We will go through the rooms of the old fortress, currently used as a museum, learn about Dracula’s family, march in special hidden passages and leave free time to the town surrounding the fort and the famous market at the foot of the fort, drive in a mountain road with “Swiss” views, to a typical Romanian village – Moieciu.

4. We will tour the Rasnov fort which is fully preserved. The fort is the signature of the entire area. The castle is at the top of a cliff which enables looking over the entire area from one of the most beautiful spots in Transylvania, views of forests on one side and Brasov on the other side. The fort has gates which are supposed to lower and block the path of anyone trying to enter the fort. We will tour the town under the fort, from there we will continue to the stalactite cave Pestera Valea Cetatii, march in a wood, filling the lungs with fresh air and the eyes with beauty.

5. We will drive along the Prahova valley to Sinaia to visit the official summer palace of the Romanian kings, one of Europe’s most beautiful palaces, built in German architectural style by King Karol the First. We will visit the halls on the first floor, the mirror hall, the weapon collection, the German Renaissance style hall, continue to a trip in the magnificent gardens and the famous souvenir market.

6. Today we will travel Herman fort, a 13th century fort intended to defend the 135 families which lived in it. The village is round, and a church is at the center to concentrate the villagers during an attack. We will visit some of the houses which currently serve as a museum presenting life at that time.

7. Today we will go north to the tourism town of Baile Tusnad at the bank of the Olt river, where carriages with horses will await us to ride to the surrounding mountains and overlook amazing views, we will return to the bus and travel to the Spenta Anna lake, one of the most breathtaking places in the area – a natural phenomenon, the lake is inside the mouth of a crater of an extinguished volcano, a near-perfect circle. The circle is amazingly still, smooth as a mirror and the reflection in it is hypnotizing.

8. Today we will go south to Rasnov, we will go up the cable cars to an ancient fort which is well preserved and is now the signature of the entire area. The fort is at the top of a cliff overlooking its surroundings, if there will be time, we will go a few km further south towards a canyon where we will walk a few hundred meters alongside a bustling river with steep cliffs above (how great your works are, God).

9. Today we will go north again towards two nearby destinations: the lovely town of Târgu Secuiesc where we will visit a museum of puppets dressed in hundreds of national outfits, and the village of Carnat – we will visit a village which was turned into a very interesting museum, preserving antiquities from an ancient Romanian village.


The price of a trip is 75 NIS per person, not including entrance fees to the sites.

You are requested to enroll to the trips no later than the previous evening to enable us to prepare accordingly.


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