Kosher Mehadrin

The kitchen is managed by the well-known Katzburg family, who has managed a restaurant at the Stock Market previously, and currently manage dining rooms in a variety of hotels in Israel and abroad.

Special emphasis is placed on health food:

Cooking without oil, whole wheat flour, whole rice, fish, poultry and meat without fat, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Attached herein is a sample menu:

Morning menu


Bread, bread rolls, whole wheat and regular flour

8 types of healthy salads

Fresh vegetables

Hard boiled egg, fried egg, scrambled egg (oil spray only)

Milk, butter, various low fat cheeses

Cereal, jams, halva, chocolate spread

Tea, coffee, chocolate drink


Vegetable omelet


Pasta in mushroom sauce

Pasta in rosé sauce

Fresh cooked vegetables

Oatmeal porridge

Fresh fruit

Warm sugar-free cheesecake

Cheese blinches

Fixed evening menu:

Bread, bread rolls, whole wheat and regular flour

Healthy salads


Chicken soup (dumplings, noodles, croutons)

Healthy soup

Fish – by request

Cooked vegetables

Coffee, tea



Various fat-reduced meat

Whole rice

Baked potatoes (without fat)

Various pastas

Various pies

Potato mash (puree)



Friday afternoon – Toamia

Saturday night

Healthy salad bar


Chicken noodle dumpling soup


Vegetable side dish


Saturday morning

Healthy salad bar

Gefilte fish

Chopped liver

Egg salad

Cholent – schnitzel/ cold meat


Fruit salad

Third meal

Like breakfast – improved

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