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Additional health treatments included in the package:

The on-site treatment center also provides a range of other medical treatments.  Some will be recommended by the physician and included in your package.  Others may require an additional fee which we can arrange at a reduced price for our guests. These arrangements are made after you have seen the physician on the first day. 


Natural treatments:

·          Mofetta (mandatory)

·          Warm baths with Mofeta gas (mandatory)

Additional treatments with advanced devices:

·          Treatment with TENS

·          Treatment with therapeutic ultrasound

·          Treatment with magnets

·          Laser treatment


·          Special baths

·          Underwater massage

·          Interferent currents

·          Magnetodiaflux

·          Aeroslim

Spa treatments:

·          Thermotherapy

Massage therapy:

·          Massage

In addition:

·          Therapeutic gym

·          Inhalation

·          Paraffin wrapping


List of effective treatments in Covasna:


Cardiovascular disorders

1.     Peripheral vascular discorders

-       peripheral occlusive atherosclerotic disorders in any stage, with the exception of those requiring surgery

-       thromboangiistis Obliterans (Buerger’s disease)

2.     Myocardial ischemic chronic disorders

-       myocardial infarction – second stage of treatment after the acute episode, without rhythm disorders or unstable angina, after regaining the hemodynamic balance

-       effort angina, stable angina pectoris

-       myocardial ischemic chronic disorder, with E.C.G. ischemic changes and branch blocking

3.     Arterial hypertension, stage I and II, well controlled, without associated disorders which may become a contraindication

4.     Valvular heart diseases

-       valvular disorders caused by rheumatic diseases without clinical hemodynamic disordes

-       valvular heart disorders after surgery, without clinical and hemodynamic significant disorders, 3 months after the surgery (with the recommendation of the cardiologist, who should decide the timing of the balneary treatment)

5.     Post -  cerebrovascular accident state disabilities – mostly of thrombotic nature – when patiens are stable

6.     Venous chronic diseases

-       thrombophlebitis complication

Skin disorders

-       psoriasis (moffetes indicated)

-       chronic eczemas (moffetes indicated)

-       allergic skin discorders, neurodermatitis

Gastrointestinal disorders

-       chronic erosive or nonerosive gastritis, gastric ulcer, postgastrectomy gastritis, duodenal recurrent ulcer, chronic inflammatory gastrointestinal dyspensia, disorders consequent to epidemic hepatitis, postoperative biliary disorders, biliary duct dyskinesia, biliary calculi

Endocrine disorders

-       Basedow disease hyperthyroidism, low functioning of the parathyroid and of the endocrine system

Gynecological disorders

-       chronic cervicitis, chronic peri – and parametritis, chronic pelvic peritonitis, chronic metroanexitis, pelvic postinflammatory disorders, genital hypoplasia

-       sterility (especially that caused by the moderate genital hypoplasia) – amenorrhea and hypomenorrhea

Musculoskeletal disorders

-       inflammatory articular disorders, allergic articular and abarticular disorders with rheumatic, infectious (general or specific: tonsils, ear, sinuses, teeth) or toxic (professional, alimentary or drug induced) origin

-       rheumatoid arthritis

-       spondylitis ankylosing

-       osteoarthrosis

-       lombar disk syndrome, cervical and toraco – lombar spondylosis

-       osteitis and osteoperiostitis

-       apophysitis and epiphysitis

-       osteomalacia and osteochondrosis

Genitourinary disorders

-       chronic glomerulonephritis

-       simple secondary albuminuria

-       infectious chronic pyelonephritis

-       urolithiasis

-       chronic inflammation of the lower urinary tract (cystitis, urethritis, pyelocystitis)

Neurological disorders

-       peripheral nervous system disorders (nerve root disorders, polyneuropathy, post traumatic nervous system disorders)

-       central nervous system disorders ( after cerebral vascular accidents, asthenia or neurotic disorders

Professional diseases

-       chronical professional diseases caused by physical agents – nosoconiosis

-       professional skin disorders due to physical agents


-       myocardial infarction with complications and severe evolution in the acute stage

-       myocardial ischemic disease with recurrent and frequent crisis

-       myocardial ischemic disorder not associated with pain but whit severe arrthmias, conduction defects or low heart functioning or thrombo – embolic accidents

-       some valvular diseases like mitral stenosis, plurivalvular lesions

-       essential arterial hypertension stage iii or with complications

-       cardiomyopathy, no matter its cause

-       cerebral atherosclerotic disease with psychic disorders

-       cerebral thrombotic accidens with neurological impairment


-       acute fever episodes and chronic diseases in acute stages

-       infectious diseases in contagious stage till the end of the insolation period

-       sexually transmitted diseses in the contagious stage (gonorrhea, syphilis)

-       carriers of pathogenic bacteria (streptococcus hemolyticus, AgHB, etc.)

-       severe weakness of the body (cashexia) no matter its cause

-       malign tumors, no matter their form, location or evolution stage

-       recurrent and severe bleeding of any form

-       abnormal pregnancy of any form and normal pregnancy after the first 3 months

-       epilepsy

-       hematological os system diseases with major general state changes (anemias, leukemias, lymphomas, etc.)

-       carries of germs or parasiters

-       personality discorders with social behavior disorders

-       chronic alcoholism with neuropsychic disorders, drug dependences

-       paintents close to organic decompensation (diabetes resistant to treatment)

-       skin diseases potentially contagious or with severe un-esthetic lesions

-       acute myocardial, kidney or liver low functioning

-       patients lacking autonomy

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