Kosher Mehadrin

Solution for vascular problems

Mofetta is a spring of gas which is naturally released from the bottom of the ground, which can be used to treat a variety of problems, in particular vascular problems.

The carbon dioxide, which is the main component in the Mofeta gas, penetrates the skin and causes

various neurophysiological processes:

Expanding the coronary arteries

Improving blood flow to the heart

Normalizing blood pressure

The gas flowing from Mofeta creates a pleasant sensation of warmth from the feet to the pelvis.

This phenomenon is caused due to the expansion of blood vessels.

And indeed, after 5 minutes in Mofeta, it is possible to see a certain increase in temperature in the nose, the fingers, toes and such.

So in fact, the gas creates a sensation of a warm bath, even though you stand fully and regularly dressed, including: shoes, shirt, sweater (if needed), trousers/skirt and such…

Treatment with Mofeta does wonders and has immediate effects on:

Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular diseases: blood pressure, arteries, Bürger disease, Raymand disease, ulcers, varicose, disturbances of coronary irrigation, angina pectoral, arteriosclerosic vessels, gangrene.

Varicose veins.

There are many patients treated in Covasna for years, who say they prevented organ amputation and such…

The Mofeta – looks like a pine sauna built as an amphitheater.

There is no source of heat, but after several minutes inside people begin to feel heat in their legs.

The gas is a special combination of volcanic gases originating deep in the ground of the Carpathian Mountains.

The gas is very rich of carbon dioxide (95-98%) and has direct effect on large and small blood vessels, with net therapeutic effect which exceeds that of medication.

Alongside the carbon dioxide, there are other gases such as: ammonia, sulfur, helium and radon in small doses, which increase the penetration of carbon dioxide.

It is known that carbon dioxide is used for therapeutic purposes, and its penetration through the skin provides special advantages to the blood circulation through the blood vessels.

These special properties make Mofeta an important health source!

The diseases which can be treated with Mofeta are:

Heart diseases.

Blood pressure

Vascular diseases

Skin conditions

Gynecological disorders

Musculoskeletal disorders.

A combination of healthy lifestyle and treatment with Mofeta in Covasna can be used as preventive care for any person at risk, such as: patients with hypertension, high cholesterol, smoking, hereditary factors and more…

Treatment is performed in special spaces where patients stand inside the Mofeta gas which is located at high density at the bottom of the room, so that only the lower body parts are in the gas, this is the maximal permitted level and it is marked.

Mofetta creates a pleasant sensation for the patient, the gas molecules pass through the clothes and the skin and their effect is immediate.

And since blood vessels expand, the legs feel warmer.

The concentration of carbon dioxide in the top layers of the Mofeta gas, stimulates breathing, thus moving oxygen to body tissues including the brain, which results in increased intellectual performance.

An interesting fact is that writers and painters (including elderly) which arrived in Covasna and stayed in Mofeta, told that they felt special inspiration afterwards.

Treatment with Mofeta is maximum 20 minutes at a time, twice a day.

In order to receive continuous effect at least 10 days of treatment are required.

Mofetta medical tourism holds Mofeta at the highest concentration in the city, therefore using the Mofeta it has guarantees productive treatment on the one hand, and continuous treatment over 10 days including Saturday and Sunday.

It will be emphasized that the treatment has to be consecutive, without stopping on Saturday or Sunday.

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