Kosher Mehadrin



The 4 star hotel offers luxury rooms with high level of accessories.

Each room has: air conditioning, bath robes, daily newspaper, films, desk, hair dryer, Wi-Fi and more…

The treatment center was completely renovated and provides the experience and atmosphere required for improving medical measurements.

The treatment center specializes in treating cardiovascular disorders and accompanying disorders.

The spa and Mofeta constitute a positive and very effective therapeutic factor in treating artery blood pressure, all in natural processes.

The Hotel **** offers accommodation in the center of Covasna resort, offering an indoor swimming pool, free parking and free WI-FI, SPA and a modern treatment center for cardiovascular and related disorders.

The treatment center is entirely renovated and provided with the state of art medical equipment and is specialized in the treatment of cardiovascular and related disorders. The carbon gaseous spas and the moffetes represent as a very positive therapeutic factor in the treatment of arterial blood pressure. Procedures that the treatment centre covers: natural procedures, electrotherapy, hydroterapy, thermotherapy, kinetotherapy, medical laboratory analysis .

Transilvania**** and Bucovina**** restaurants offer guests varied preparations, combining the classic cuisine with regional and international enhances the elegance and sophistication each meal served.


Another medical tourist attraction

The main healthy attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors is the Mofeta, but at the same time Covasna has another health attraction, which is visited by guests and locals, which is natural water springing from the ground, which have medical qualities in a variety of areas, mostly for people suffering from indigestion.

The water springs in a number of locations, and the composition of water is different in each of them, therefore each type of water is drunk separately and according to the patient’s needs to aid in the problem he suffers from.


The following tourist attractionas are available for visiting:

Dacian fortress; tourist attraction that draw the attention of Romanian historians who classified it within the Dacian fortress of the East of Transylvania, assessing that this fortress has been built in the mid of the last century BC, during the reign of Burebista. The Dacian fortress is an historical attraction very interesting mainly due to its age.


“Nedeia Mocaneasca” can be added that also attract lots of tourists.

The Devils Pound, symbol of the city, the Devil’s Pound, is an eruption of mud and gases (carbon oxides and sulphur), that has been firstly used for treatment.

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