Kosher Mehadrin

Close medical accompaniment throughout the treatment:

The medical process and stay in Mofeta is made as per the instruction of the doctor in charge of the medical center in Covasna. Any guest, upon arriving to the hotel and the treatment center, before entering Mofeta, must have a visit and interview with the doctor in charge in order to receive clear and accurate instructions about the duration of stay in Mofeta, as well as types of additional treatments required for the patient, all as per the doctor’s instructions and the patient’s medical condition.

In order for the treatment acceptance process is short and effective, all guests are required to arrive with blood test and EKG test results, made in the two months prior to the visit.

It will be emphasized that without presenting current blood and EKG test results, the doctors on site will not enable entering Mofeta.

In order to avoid misunderstandings and waiting for local tests (unnecessary waste of two whole days), our guests are required to arrive with current blood and EKG tests and preferably their medical file (from the patient’s personal doctor), which will be presented to the doctor during the medical interview required by each visitor before they first enter Mofeta.

As in each treatment with beneficial effects, there are areas/diseases which the Mofeta will not help, and may even harm, therefore there are conditions and diseases which do not enable entering Mofeta, such as patients who have previously suffered from cancer, diabetes patients with open wounds and such.

In order to avoid the awkwardness involved in arriving in Covasna and then finding out the doctor does not enable the patient to enter Mofeta, patients are required to refer any type of medical issue to the Mofeta staff so that we will ensure that it is possible to enter Mofeta and/or the Mofeta bath with the treating doctor before going out to a treatment with Mofeta.

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