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Kosher Mehadrin

Close medical supervision throughout the treatment:

The Mofeta treatments are conducted under the supervision of the doctor in charge of the medical center in Covasna. All guests who wish to participate in the Mofeta must have clearance from the doctor in charge in order to receive clear and accurate instructions about the duration of stay in Mofeta, as well as the types of additional treatments required for the patient.

If you come prepared, the clearance process will be brief and easy.  Please bring all relevant and current medical info and test results such as blood tests, EKG results, etc. (in English). The on-site physician reserves the righ to bar any patient from treatment if he/she feels that it would be contraindicated. 

Patients who have previously suffered from any form of cancer, diabetes patients with open wounds and some chronic lung conditions are NOT candidates for Mofeta.

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