Kosher Mehadrin



Q.        What is Mofeta?

A.        Mofeta is emission of volcanic gases from the ground, directed into a treatment room and utilized for medical purposes.

Q.        What is the treatment method with Mofeta?

A.        Treatment is by standing with clothes in the gas for a specified amount of time.


Q.        What is treated by Mofeta?

A.        All cardiovascular diseases, such as: blood pressure, clogged arteries, diabetes, veins, cholesterol, blood lipids, cardiovascular diseases, erysipelas and more. For the full list view the complete explanation page.


Q.        What is unique about Mofeta compared with other treatments?

A.        Mofeta is completely natural which works wonders and saves use of medicines and results in a healthier life. Mofetta at a high concentration exists only in Covasna.


Q.        Is the process medically supervised?

A.        Absolutely! The doctor is at the Mofeta medical center and entrance to Mofeta is only possible after visiting the doctor and being examined by him.


Q.        Is it possible the Mofeta doctor forbids the patient’s entrance to treatment with Mofeta during the examination?

A.        Of course!!! Such as patients who had cancer and/or diabetics with open wounds and such.


Q.        How can you avoid a situation where a patient is prohibited from entering Mofeta after arriving on site?

A.        Share with the Mofeta staff upon registering, any medical history and data which may have an effect, so that the entrance to Mofeta is examined and pre-approved by the doctor.


Q.        Are there people who tried and recommend?

A.        Many of our clients who travel for their health for year for a bi-annual visit in Mofeta, thus strengthening their health and saving their body, and don’t require the regular medications they used to take.


Q.        What is the required treatment duration in order to see improvement?

A.        The required duration of treatment is at least 10-11 treatment days.


Q.        Is the treatment one-time or is a repeat treatment required?

A.        It is required to have a treatment once a year to retain results over time.


Q.        After how long is it possible to see improvements in tests?

A.        Improvement can be seen two months after treatment with Mofeta in blood tests.


Q.        Do you have to arrive to the treatment with any medical documents?

A.        It is mandatory to arrive with current blood tests and a document summarizing the medical file (in English) to the local doctor.


Q.        How long do you stand with your clothes in Mofeta?

A.        Between 8 and 20 minutes according to the instruction of the doctor at the medical center.


Q.        Do you feel pain during the treatment with Mofeta?

A.        No! you don’t feel anything apart from pleasant warm sensations.


Q.        Is treatment in Mofeta once a day?

A.        It is recommended to treat twice a day, morning and afternoon about 15 minutes each time and as per the doctor’s instructions.


Q.        Is daily double treatment in Mofeta 2 of the 4 daily treatments?

A.        Yes! The patient will be entitled to 2 additional daily treatments at the medical center: Mofeta bath and occupational therapy/exercise accompanied by a guide)/


Q.        Are treatments at the hotel?

A.        Yes! The medical center is near the hotel (apart from the fourth treatment – Mofeta in the evening).


Q.        Is food provided at the hotel?

A.        No! the restaurant is located about 250 meters from the hotel.


Q.        What do you do during the day?

A.        Usually treatments end around noon and after a short rest, anyone interested could travel the nearby area by star trips at a cost of 75 NIS per person.

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