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Covasna is located in central Romania, 221 km from Bucharest, 45 km from Brașov.

The site is on the east Brașov valley at the foot of the Vrancea Mountains and also known as the “thousand springs” site. Elevation in the area changes from 550 to 600 meters above sea levels.

The site and the city of Covasna merge and are about 30 km from Saint Georgia.

The climate in Covasna is calm and cool, since it lies in a valley and surrounded by mountains.

There are underground caves in Covasna, from which a special gas is emitted, which penetrates the body and expands blood vessels, these caves are called Mofetas, and make the place a special place to treat and regulate circulation and treat expanding blood vessels.

The duration of stay in Mofeta – as per the doctors’ instructions and according to the medical condition of each visitor.

The hotel where we stay is at the center of the twon and close to banks, change, pharmacies, supermarkets and various shops.

It will be emphasized that without presenting current blood and EKG test results, the doctors on site will not enable entering Mofeta. 

In order to avoid misunderstandings and waiting for local tests (unnecessary waste of two whole days), our guests are required to arrive with current blood and EKG tests and preferably their medical file (from the patient’s personal doctor), which will be presented to the doctor during the medical interview required by each visitor before they first enter Mofeta.

It will be emphasized that the site is known for saving organs from amputations and gangrene.

Mofetta has a natural emission of gas – carbon dioxide which is a unique component with certain success for improving the cardiovascular system, heart diseases, blocks, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood lipids, veins, impotence, diabetes and such.

In addition, the system is known to assist and improve digestive tract diseases, liver diseases, gallbladder, nutritional disorders, gynecological diseases and more.

In addition to the excellent treatment for improving circulation, the treatment center also offer mineral water baths for treatments to improve the skeleton and joints, massages, medical mud, medical exercise and treatments for the nervous system.

The Covasna site has excellent treatments for improving circulation.

Covasna is a unique place for treating and regulating circulation and treating expanding blood vessels.

At the Hotel Caprioara we met an Israeli senior couple who has been coming to the place regularly for 30 years, and excitedly attest that the treatments did wonders for their health.

The treatments include mineral baths, treatment room with the Mofeta heavy gas, which is emitted from underground caves and assists in expanding blood vessels, as well as electric treatments, water treatments and a variety of massages (bring an approval from your doctor in Israel).

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